Buster Martin


16 years, since 2007


Depends where my vans parked, but the crag ive spent the most time in is Margalef in spain. Back in the UK it’s the School room, the Plantation or Raven Tor

Favourite Climbing Destination

The South of France and Northern Spain are good but my hearts in the Peak District.


Best Climbing Experience

Favourite Moon Climbing Product

How can I pick a single product, there’s too many… I barely take off my samurai shorts when its warm or switch to the trousers when it’s a bit cooler.

What Is It About Climbing You Love

Getting outside in nature, meeting new people, working hard in the gym and doing things which once felt impossible.

Career Highlights

Coming back after a long break from climbing and getting myself up rainshadow 9a was a very inspiring process but I’m also proud of making a career out of coaching, helping people with injuries and having sponsors like moon (childhood dream). In terms of ascents, climbing Hubble, Action Direct and climbing 9a+ in spain with an ascent of First ley.

When Not Climbing You Like to

Geek out on climbing history, write training plans, travel and enjoy a pint of ale in a northern pub.