Moon Climbing is a small, independent business based in Sheffield, 100% owned by Ben Moon.

A word from our founder:

When I was born in 1966, the world population was around 3 billion. It’s now around 7 billion and experts think it will rise to around 10 billion. The environmental impact of this massive population increase is clear to see everywhere. I am now more aware of my place in the world and the impact I have on it and as the owner of a small business I try to apply the values my family instilled in me to the way I run my business, respect for those I work with and respect for the environment. When I climb in the outdoors or do business I am mindful of the impact my actions and choices have on the world and its resources.

Whilst Moon Climbing is still a small business, we endeavour to make the most sustainable choices we can. We produce simple, functional products, keeping always in mind that all products should be built to last. It’s now more important than ever that we stick to this philosophy so we can minimise our use of the world’s resources.


We care about our people and their wellbeing, treating athletes, suppliers, retailers and staff with respect, flexibility and understanding. We want our people to love the products we make as much as their climbing, but it’s a two-way deal. So we support our staff and their personal endeavours as much as we can. This means:

  • We pay above the national living wage.
  • Remote and flexible working hours.
  • Staff receive a generous equipment and clothing allowance as well as unlimited chalk.
  • Company-wide involvement in decision-making.


We also ask all of our suppliers to adhere to a standard code of conduct. 


The Moon Climbing Team is more than just a group of high-performing athletes. As ambassadors to the brand, they represent the values we strive to uphold. By supporting our athletes, we stand by a commitment to the sport of climbing in all its forms; to the climbing community and the environment we climb in. We treat our Moon Team with respect, and will always support our athletes through injuries, life changes and any other difficult personal circumstances.


  • We donate 1% of gross sales revenue to environmental charities.
  • We split our donation equally between one domestic and one international charity. They are:
  • Woodland Trust: the UK's largest woodland conservation charity, dedicated to planting and restoring Britain’s forests.
  • World Land Trust: an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats.


Before we talk about the ways in which we are working to minimise the environmental impact of our products, we have to ask why we make them at all. Our products are designed to be as relevant today as they will be in the future. We design based on long-lasting functionality, not industry or fashion trends. For that reason, all our products are tried and tested by Ben Moon and other Moon athletes before they get produced. If we wouldn’t use the product ourselves, we won’t make or sell it.

Now we can talk about what goes in and around those products.


      • Our freestanding frames and panels are manufactured in the UK.
      • Wooden MoonBoard holds and hangboards are manufactured in the UK using FSC birch plywood.
      • Resin holds are shaped and designed in the UK, then manufactured in Bulgaria.


      • The fabrics we use meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) except for our Moon jeans range. We are striving towards all our clothing to meet GOTs.
      • Crash pads, chalk bags, backpacks are made using hardwearing 600D ripstop recycled polyester.
      • We sell replaceable shells and foam for our crash pads to extend their lifecycle.
      • 48% of the polyester used in our clothing is recycled. 
      • We do not produce and send printed brochures to our sales reps and trade customers. All product catalogues are issued digitally.
      • We pride ourselves on running a paperless business.


      • We have eliminated almost all plastic from our packaging in shipments to customers and from suppliers. Some items of old stock in our warehouses may still be packaged in plastic bags and pallets on wholesale orders are currently shrink wrapped.
      • We are working with our supplier to find a paper based wrap solution in the UK.
      • Clothes are tied in a reusable cotton ribbon or a recycled paper wrap, rather than a plastic bag. 
      • Our swing tags are made out of recycled card, and connected with an unbleached cord and a reusable metal pin.
      • Chalk is packaged in fully recyclable brown paper bags.
      • Crash pads are packaged in brown boxes and fastened closed with brown paper tape. The inner foam of our crashpads is covered in plastic for the entirety of the product lifecycle, this is for added protection and to ensure durability and added protection.
      • All orders are packaged in self-adhesive brown paper bags.


    • We are working towards using 100% recycled polyester within two years.
    • We continue to explore all sustainability practices across the business. 
    • We ensure all our suppliers are working with sustainable and ethical practices.