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Mini Moonboard DIY Kit

Free Standing Moonboard

Is the MoonBoard suitable for you?

Grades range from 5+/V2 to 8b+/V14 depending on which set up you choose. Download the app, select the various different setups and have a look at the range of problems and grades to see if the Moonboard is right for you.


How much space do you need?

We offer the MoonBoard in two sizes, the Mini MoonBoard and the Standard MoonBoard. The Standard MoonBoard with the frame (see Freestanding MoonBoard below) requires the most space.


Which hold setup should you choose?

The setup that you choose is a matter of personal choice. Download the MoonBoard App and have a look at the different setups and the problems each one has, to get an idea of which setup works best for you.


Which angle should you choose?

MoonBoard hold setups are offered in two angles: 25° and 40°. Opting for the steeper 40° angle demands greater strength and power and a dynamic approach to climbing compared to the 25° angle. The 25° angle increases the emphasis on footwork, making it generally more accessible for training purposes.


Which MoonBoard build option should you choose?

There are two ways to get your MoonBoard:


Option 1

The easiest method is to purchase one of our official build kits, which include all the MoonBoard holds, the LED System, and ready-to-install panels. There are two choices of build kits:


Choose from:


Freestanding MoonBoard Kit (not available in the Mini MoonBoard) This option includes everything you need, including the frame, all the setups, and is also available to purchase with our compatible MoonBoard Pad System, or


MoonBoard DIY Kit Choose the setup you want for your MoonBoard and buy the corresponding DIY Kit, for example the MoonBoard 2016 DIY Kit or the MoonBoard 2017 DIY Kit. (Note that this method will require you to build your own frame. You will find the frame specifications under Building Your MoonBoard.)


All MoonBoard DIY Kits come with clear instructions for easy assembly. You will find the frame specifications under Building Your MoonBoard.


Option 2

Alternatively, you can buy all the individual MoonBoard components (holds, LED System, bolts and t-nuts), without the panels. Choose the setup you want for your MoonBoard, for example the 2016 or 2017 setup, and buy the hold sets for that setup. (Note that this method will require you to build your own frame and panels. You will find the frame and panel specifications under Building Your MoonBoard.)


Can you have more than one MoonBoard?

Having multiple MoonBoards in the same location is possible. However, if you decide to install multiple LED MoonBoards in the same location, it's important to note that unless you opt for a V3 LED MoonBoard System, you'll need to get in touch with Moon Climbing to ensure compatibility between each LED system.