Daniel Smith


Years Climbing: 8 years

Local Crag: Dumbarton Rock

Favourite Climbing Destination: Dumbarton Rock- Covid restrictions gave me the chance to climb here more because the walls are shut. I now how appreciate how lucky I am to have this close by and I’ve really enjoyed meeting up with my friends there.


Best Climbing Experience:  My best climbing experience was when I won my first British Lead Climbing Championships in 2016 - it was the most important national competition of the year for me and definitely a highlight in my climbing career so far.


Favourite Moon Climbing Product: My favourite Moon product is the new Rainshadow pant because I really like the material and it is very comfortable to wear both on and off the wall.


What Is It About Climbing You Love: the thing I love about climbing the most is that every climb is different and the variety in moves and positions is amazing.


Career Highlights:

  • Member of the GB Junior Climbing Team since 2015
  • 3-time British Climbing Champion (youth) across boulder and lead
  • Two European Youth Cup finals


When Not Climbing You Like to: I enjoy playing football, watching movies and spending time with the family.




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