Jack MacDougall


My whole life



Favourite Climbing Destination

I’d have to say City Bloc, it’s basically a second home at this point


Best Climbing Experience

It’s difficult to say actually, but I’m not sure I’ve ever felt as psyched as after boulder semis last year in Dallas. Just knowing that I’d executed almost perfectly in the round and it was finally enough for finals- beautiful feeling 

Favourite Moon Climbing Product

The bamboo tech T-shirts probably take the win for me. I just love the stretchy, comfy goodness

What Is It About Climbing You Love

Everything, absolutely everything. The cool moves, cool blocs, cool people; the places it takes me and the amazing stuff I get to do from it; the fact that I get to sometimes win some stuff and lose some others (well maybe not the loosing quite so much); the shiny holds and the not shiny ones- and some day I’ll start to love the rocks that inspired them a bit more too; everything about climbing is just so perfect and makes my heart so happy that there’s nothing else I could do with my life. Ok apart from the nasty small crimps… I definitely don’t love those so much

Career Highlights

Senior GB climbing team for the past 2 years
3rd place at Chambéry European Cup 2023
Semi finals at Brixen World Cup 2023
Youth World Championships 2022- 5th boulder, 6th lead, 4th combined
1st place Soure European Youth Cup 2022
British Lead Champion 2021

When Not Climbing You Like to

Well, not much really- I go to school and do the odd bit of homework, but between that and the training (with a healthy side portion of instagram scrolling), almost all of my time magically disappears.