Kyle Knapp


15 years


The Gunks, NY

Favourite Climbing Destination

Fontainebleau (no contest)


Best Climbing Experience

Sending my first V9, Rabid Wolverine, in the Gunks almost 7 years ago now will always stick with me. Truly had to figure out my own way of doing the problem, unlike how most did it, and to come away with the send meant anything is possible as long as I put in the work!

Favourite Moon Climbing Product

Currently the Samurai Light pants are my favourite....and obviously the MoonBoard holds!

What Is It About Climbing You Love

I really like the travel part of climbing and seeing new destinations and meeting new people, and at the same time some of my most memorable experiences have been sitting in my home crag of the Gunks, alone in the woods, staring at a boulder, in complete silence.

Career Highlights

Climbing $1000 Schwapple(V9) this past January at the age of 44 was pretty dope.

When Not Climbing You Like to

Actually I’m an avid bird/wildlife photographer. I actually am crazy about small migratory birds called Wood Warblers here in the States. And raptors as well.