Name: Luca Rinaldi aka LucaBazooka
Years Climbing: Almost 14 years 
Local Crag: North west of Italy and Ticino (Swiss)
Favourite Climbing Destination: San Gottardo (Swiss), Fontainebleau and I hope Rocklands (ZA)
Best Climbing Experience: All summers in South Africa are special
Favourite Moon Climbing Product:  Saturn Bouldering Pad (the best pad in the world) and the Cypher Short
What Is It About Climbing You Love: Freedom, training, and the process of success
Career Highlights: Power of Now 8c. First no professional climber who sends off the wagon 8b+. All the process of success
When Not Climbing You Like to: Climbing coach and founder of THEBAZU climbing training, designer of bio houses and energy efficient

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