Core Training with Miguel Navarro

A few months ago we invited our international MoonClimbing team over to the UK, while they were here we pinned them down to get some of their top training hints and tips, to help improve your rock climbing, or as we say at Moon #trainHardclimbHarder. This video is Miguel Navarro, and he talks through a novel core training technique, we have tried this and it is BRUTAL.

The session-

  • 5 sets of 28 seconds on the ball/campus board with 32 seconds rest between sets. 
  • 3-4 mins rest and repeat.
  • Adjust the position of the ball (the size of the rungs / holds) so that at 28 seconds you will fall. For example, if at 28 seconds you're stil mangaging the exercise, you need to increase the difficulty. 
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