Is Your MoonBoard App Up To Date?

Is Your MoonBoard App Up To Date?


We recently made a major update to the MoonBoard app. It was not possible to make this update automatic and we are aware that some users are still running the old MoonBoard App. To take advantage of the new MoonBoard app features and access the hugely popular new 2024 MoonBoard setup you must update your MoonBoard app to version 1.1.100(128) or higher. 

To update your MoonBoard app follow these instructions.

1.     Delete the MoonBoard app from your device. NO DATA WILL BE LOST.

2.     Download and install the new version from either the Google Play or App Store.

3.     After installation select “Login” and enter your existing login credentials. If you have forgotten your username or password, follow the “Forgot login details?” link on the app. 

Google or Apple ID Login

The new MoonBoard app supports Google or Apple ID login. For existing users, do not use this login method unless your MoonBoard account email matches your Google or Apple ID login otherwise the MoonBoard app will create a new MoonBoard account. If this is the case, use the standard login method and then update your MoonBoard app account email address so it matches your Google or Apple ID. You can do this via the “You” profile picture at the bottom right-hand corner of the app problem page.

If you have any problems updating to the latest version of the app, please contact support: [email protected]



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