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  1. New MoonBoard Benchmarks

    New 2016 Benchmarks

    New 2017 Benchmarks

    Problem: Metal Militia, 6C+
    Setter: Kyle Knapp
    Problem: Pe8, 6A+
    Setter: Jorgen Bryn Henrikson
    Problem: JK312-6, 7A 
    Setter: Thewhippingwale420
    Problem: Fungun, 6B
    Setter: Alexander Holmeide
    Problem: Pinch of Salty, 7A+
    Setter: Liting
    Problem: Walk Like An Egyptian, 6B+
    Setter: Kris 
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  2. So you've got your own MoonBoard... Now what?

    So you've got your own MoonBoard... Now what?

    With the current state of affairs throughout the world, many of you have decided to take the plunge and build your own MoonBoard. I had the same thoughts back in 2012 when I built my own, minus the pandemic of course. So suffice to say I’ve picked up some first hand knowledge about the world of MoonBoarding over the last 8 years. Hopefully I can pass some of this on to you so you can avoid some of the mistakes I made when I was first starting out.

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  3. MoonBoard Masters Returns for 2019

    MoonBoard Masters Returns for 2019

    Since 2017, demand for a second MoonBoard competition has been strong. We're now two years down the line and the time has come to launch the Masters for the second time. So what's new? Well... quite a lot.

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  4. VIDEO: Part 2 - MoonBoard Training For Climbing: Power Endurance

    VIDEO: Part 2 - MoonBoard Training For Climbing: Power Endurance

    Looking for a new way to really push your physical and mental climbing limits? In Part 2 of the MoonBoard training video series, Michiel shares how you can include Power Endurance training in your session and what grade range you should be aiming to practice on.

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  5. MoonBoard Climber's Network

    MoonBoard Climber's Network

    We want to help bring the MoonBoard community together so have launched the MoonBoard Climber's Network on Facebook. The group is the official spot to discuss everything MoonBoard. Share your MoonBoard problems, beta, setup advice, local MoonBoard events, ask questions and provide answers. Click the group link below to request your membership.

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