MoonBoard 2024 Setup Hold Bundle

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The MoonBoard sets the standard for indoor training and has become globally recognised as one of the most effective strength training tools for climbing. The 2024 setup features 198 holds, to form a completely new, densely-packed matrix. The organic and curvy pockets, pinches and edges will challenge your footwork and create more varied and all-round movement, to seriously improve your climbing, both physically and technically.

New to MoonBoard and want to learn more? Visit the official pages here

The MoonBoard 2024 Setup Bundle contains all the holds to complete your MoonBoard build. Create an account or login to your existing MoonBoard account via the smartphone app or the official MoonBoard website to view this setup's library of problems.

How to Build

For information on how to build your MoonBoard, visit the official page here to view instructions and recommendations.


This bundle does not include the bolts, t-nuts or LED System. You will need to buy these separately.

Technical Features


  • School Holds - Set D
  • School Holds - Set E
  • School Holds - Set F
  • Wood Holds - Set A
  • Wood Holds - Set B
  • Wood Holds - Set C
  • 10 Yellow MoonBoard Footholds

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