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  1. The Real Thing By Ivan Lisica

    The Real Thing By Ivan Lisica

    So, is it possible to raise kids, work full time and (continue to) climb well? There are many examples that it is possible, but the real question is how? 

    Having children means a day-long action, regular job last for 8 hours and training also takes part of the day. Except mentioned you have to eat, sleep and do a pile of other small things that also require some time. Bearing in mind that day lasts only 24 hours, it becomes clear why incorporating climbing into this jumble often called "real life“ is all but an easy task.

    After you become a parent it is quite normal that climbing is not anymore the most important thing in your life. The arrival of these little creatures is a miracle which awaken the most powerful feelings and often significantly changes your view of life. When you reset to new settings overnight, raising kids and providing good for them becomes the priority number one. Consequently, it increases the importance of having a job and a place to call home while everything else, including climbing, becomes the thing of the secondary importance.

    If you are a passionate climber, it is not easy to accept new circumstances.  At this point many of my friends, young parents, just stopped climbing and started enjoying some of the less complex activities. When I say complex, I am thinking about those who take less time to perform and are much simple in terms of logistics. 

    There is also another part of the crew that continued to climb but often have problem to accept the fact that their climbing level has dropped and it becomes much harder to reach and maintain a good form. They keep climbing but are suffering from inner restlessness which is hard to withstand for longer time.

    Anyway, this is the point where you need to show maturity and admit to yourself what climbing really means in your life?

    Why do I climb? Is it just about climbing top lines

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  2. David Fitzgerald Takes On Switzerland

    David Fitzgerald Takes On Switzerland

    Our #MoonTeam Athlete, David Fitzgerald, has just got home from a long three week trip to Switzerland! This is a video of some great lines that he climbed during some of his days spent in Ticinto, Switzerland. 

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