MoonBoard Challenge

  1. So you've got your own MoonBoard... Now what?

    So you've got your own MoonBoard... Now what?

    With the current state of affairs throughout the world, many of you have decided to take the plunge and build your own MoonBoard. I had the same thoughts back in 2012 when I built my own, minus the pandemic of course. So suffice to say I’ve picked up s

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  2. Checkmate!


    Want a game of chess?

    Checkmate 7b+ (benchmark) by Hoseok Lee

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  3. Quart Poulet!

    Quart Poulet!

    For those who like to test their limits...

    Try Quart Poulet 7c+ by 40 Degrees.

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  4. Burn Baby, Burn!

    Burn Baby, Burn!

    Yearning for a fiery challenge? First Burn 6C by Kyle Knapp .

    One to make those muscles burn!

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  5. Did Someone Say Sausage?

    Did Someone Say Sausage?

    Feeling hungry for a challenge? Top Sausage 7a by Carlos Higuera .

    We bet you can't cook up a challenge like this one! 

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